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Published on November 05, 2021

Physician Mentor Program - Learning From Shared ExperiencesPhysician Mentor Program: Learning From Shared Experiences

Transform. Heal. Respect. Inspire. Value. Empower.

THRIVE, a wellness committee comprised of more than a dozen Cape Cod Healthcare physicians, aims to boost physician wellness, deepen connections, foster development and build a strong community among physicians at Cape Cod Hospital, Falmouth Hospital and Cape Cod Healthcare’s medical affiliates. A physician mentor program, one of their key initiatives, kicks off in January.

 “We thought it would be a great way for physicians to get to know the institution and their peers better, and also get some instruction along the way,” says Dr. Alex Adduci, a radiologist at Cape Cod Hospital and project leader of the wellness committee. The benefit of a mentorship program also includes improving physician retention. “A successful program will make people feel more connected and not want to leave when they face a hardship or get frustrated,” says Adduci. “It is our hope that we connect people and form a network that supports, encourages and empowers our physicians.”

The program will offer workshops for both mentors and mentees, followed by monthly meetings, leadership development and networking and social events, which will be extended to families as well. “We have physicians relocating to the Cape and we need to help them find ways to become more integrated into the community,” says Bridget Torres, professional and organizational development consultant and program design and development. “Helping them personally and professionally is key.” The total time commitment for the year is about 20 hours.

Adduci says it’s critical to build a positive work culture around physician well-being and wellness. “We formed this wellness committee to talk about what’s bothering us, why we are having issues, looking at burnout and wellness around the country,” says Adduci. “It’s not unique to Cape Cod Healthcare. It’s everywhere. People need to do better at trying to figure out what’s causing it and create programs that can help physicians.”

Based upon research from Harvard Medical School, mentorship programs help increase staff retention and increase engagement. “In time, if we give our physicians more effective communication and leadership skills, it will have a trickle-down effect,” says Torres. It will, in fact, change our culture to a more positive work environment.”

Adduci says they will regularly conduct surveys of the medical staff to determine if the wellness committee’s work is helping.

“We really want to help people who are new to Cape Cod Healthcare and being on their own in medicine,” says Adduci. “It’s so important physicians have a group of people they can reach out to for support or advice or anything else they need. I personally have never had a formal mentor and I think I have suffered from that because I haven’t had a straightforward trajectory in my career. It’s so helpful to have someone you can identify with and who can lead you through these big career decisions. It is invaluable.”

There is currently a greater need for mentees. To sign up, visit

The Physician Mentor Program launches in January, but mentors and mentees must sign up by the beginning of December.

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