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Storm Shout Outs

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Published on February 15, 2022

Tales from the Blizzard of 2022Inspiring Tales from the Blizzard of 2022

From a baby girl born over the weekend to staff working double shifts, helping out with rides and digging one another out, CCHC staff go ‘above and beyond’ the call of duty to take care of patients.

Praise for Staff at Cape Cod Hospital 

Blizzard Baby

Tensley Caroline DoigCongratulations to new parents Christina Fries and Leathan Doig! Their newborn, Tensley Caroline Doig, weighing 7.2 pounds, 20 ounces, arrived three weeks early at Cape Cod Hospital at 2:24 p.m. on Sunday, January 30, the day after one of the worst blizzards hit the Cape. The parents are no strangers to Cape Cod Hospital and emergency medical situations. Fries works as a tech and secretary in the ER at Cape Cod Hospital and is also an EMT with Coastal Ambulance. Leathan Doig is an EMT with the Dennis Fire Department. The Yarmouth Port residents arrived at the hospital on Friday, January 28, and doctors induced labor on Saturday morning. Fries was in labor for more than 24 hours during the blizzard. Since Fries has worked at the hospital for 10 years, she knew most of the nurses. The parents praised the hospital staff and said their experience was wonderful. As they were leaving the hospital on Wednesday, Cape Cod Times photographer Steve Heaslip snapped a few photos outside for a front-page story. “We were thrilled to get this opportunity,” says Christina. “It definitely made a long week much better for us.” Welcome to the Cape, Tensley!

Jeanine Perry, nurse supervisor for night shift at Cape Cod Hospital: ‘The staff really stepped up’

Several us stayed across the street at the Anchor In, but then the hotel lost power. Everyone was so cold because the power never came back on. I just slept a couple of hours and then came back to the hospital. Some nurses stayed at the hospital, some stayed nearby with friends. Cape Cod Hospital lost power and we were on generator power 100 percent through the blizzard until Sunday morning.

I have been a nurse for 45 years and I’ve been in my current position eight or nine years. This was one of the most emergent conditions I have ever worked in because half the staff couldn’t get in. The staff that was here, we just kind of had to make due. There were so few aides; it was the RN’s by themselves most of the time.

The staff really stepped up, from the nurses and admissions. The housekeepers went above and beyond. I don’t think people realize what an important part they are. One housekeeper had the Mugar Tower by herself and she just worked nonstop. I never heard a lot of complaining. Everybody that worked that weekend went above and beyond.

The emergency room was inundated with ambulances because nobody could drive and whoever came in, was basically stuck because they couldn’t go back—they weren’t shoveled out, they didn’t have their oxygen, they didn’t have transportati­on, a good majority of patients that came in by rescue ended up staying there. We are responsible for them when they are there, whether they have been discharged from the emergency room or not. The ER just kept getting more and more patients and the hospital was filled to capacity. We had no place to put these patients. With their usual amount of staff, we ended up with over 25 eRads—emergency room admissions. On a typical day, we maybe have 5 to 10 eRads.

The staff worked double shifts, 16 hours, and then they had to dig out their cars to get home.

We had one CNA, Pat, who dug out her car and she accidentally locked her keys in the car. She trudged back to the hospital, at midnight, and called me, ‘What do I do?’ We ended up calling security and then calling the fire department. It was snowing, coming down terribly. The fire department unlocked her car, she went home and came back the next morning and at 7 o’clock.

I wouldn’t want to do this again, but I am so appreciative of the staff here.

Expressing Gratitude from Falmouth Hospital

Falmouth Hospital Digs Out

Gil, Peter and Dave from the Facilities Department help dig out from the blizzard at Falmouth Hospital

Getting to the COVID tent on time

Susan Hanley and Kathryn Roth want to give a shout out to Brian in Security for picking them up and getting them to the COVID tent on time on Sunday and then bringing them back home later that day.

From FH Pharmacy:

Three pharmacy staff members (Lauren Boudreau, Richard Tran and Janet Falwell) worked through the blizzard. They each slept at the hospital Friday and Saturday night to be ready to open the pharmacy at 0600. Janet stepped up and volunteered to work a double shift on Saturday to help her fellow co-worker who was unable to make it in due to the storm. One of the pharmacists slept on an air mattress in the pharmacy office Saturday night. We are very appreciative of their hard work and dedication.

From FH Nutrition Services:

Karen, Mike, Jen, and Donny were here all weekend to keep the cafeteria and kitchen going. They pulled doubles to make sure our patients and staff could eat, they even made lunch for our snow removal crew! We are so grateful to have them.

From Kristine Morse, Manager of ICU, MS1 and CVPA:

Very thankful for Jessica and Kayla – two of the Travel RNs in ICU – they made their own arrangements to stay around the corner from Falmouth Hospital at the Inn on the Square to be sure to be here to care for our patients during the blizzard!

Also thankful for the Inn on the Square who provided early check-in times so the night nurses could get some rest!

Thank you to Kim Lima – ICU PCT – she came in early and stayed late on Saturday!!

From Brendeign Covell, Supervisor of Rehab:

"Glenn English worked through the storm all weekend for Physical Therapy, and even helped dig a nurse out who was stuck before he left for the day!

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