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Published on May 13, 2022

Letters from Grateful Patients Letters of Thanks to CCHC

Grateful patients write in or call to express appreciation for excellent care and compassion

High praise from emergency center patient at Cape Cod Hospital

Carole shared her thoughts via telephone to express her deep appreciation and gratitude to all Cape Cod Hospital staff and physicians, with special thanks to Dr. Ryan Nichols, Alyssa Silk, RN, and Janette “Jenny” Lewis. She said she’s always had the best of care at CCH and thinks the team is “marvelous,” but said her recent visit was different for her and that she was incredibly scared when she arrived to the EC on January 17, 2022, after sustaining a fall and head injury.

“These three incredible professionals allayed my fears and took such great care of me. Their calm manner and smiles were so important to me and the simple gesture of holding my hand brought me great comfort. Dr. Nichols was so dear—his suturing was so spectacular and pain free. He even went out of his way to tell me when he would be at the Urgent Care Center so he could do the suture removal himself. That continuity meant the world to me. He offered me the name of a plastic surgeon for the scar on my forehead, but he was so skilled that I can barely see it. I know how hard they are all working, so please thank them for me and tell them how grateful I am.”
— Carole, as told to Jerilyn Lemont, CCHC patient advocate

Compliments from a grateful daughter

Dr. Ann Waite’s mother, Ruth, was at Cape Cod Hospital from Feb. 27, 2022 to March 4, 2022, where she passed peacefully on Mugar 3. Dr. Waite expressed enormous gratitude via telephone for the care that her mother received. She shared that during the five days her mother was at CCH, everyone she interfaced with from reception, cashier, the cafeteria, the CNAs, nurses and physicians was wonderful. As told to Jerilyn Lemont, CCHC patient advocate:

“As a daughter and physician, I was overjoyed with the outstanding care she received on every level. Not one interaction was less than exceptional. The team was so courteous, kind and compassionate. We were met with such respect and professionalism and the communication was exemplary. The staff on Mugar 3 would bring us food, ask what we needed and involve us in every aspect of her care. They were receptive to my suggestions and welcomed my family in such a special way. They not only cared for my mother, they cared for me and my family.”

Dr. Waite apologizes that she cannot recall everyone’s name, but asked to share some personal recognition to the following without diminishing the work of the others whose names she cannot recall:

  • Dr. Bosco for his expertise in the EC
  • Dr. Kelly Shine: “What an amazing surgeon who was generous with her time allowing several lengthy conversations with me. She was so thoughtful, kind, respectful and articulate. Her reasonable nature helped guide me through difficult end of life decisions. A wonderful physician and person.”
  • Dr. Mark Zapata: “He was incredibly compassionate.”
  • Nurses: Amber, Ann, Samantha, and Sarah—“Wow—just thank them for everything. I’m so impressed with them.”
  • CNAs: “I can’t recall their names, but I’ll never forget how gentle they were with my mother.”
  • The cafeteria staff: “They came to know me each day and wave. Such a pleasant group of people who brightened each difficult day.”

Dr. Waite closed the call acknowledging how challenging it is to work in healthcare right now and that the teamwork she witnessed was beyond compare. She thanks you all for taking such great care of her mother. —Dr. Ann Waite, as told to Jerilyn Lemont, CCHC patient advocate

CCH: “The most caring and amazing people in the planet”

I had emergency gallbladder surgery at Cape Cod Hospital on January 26, 2022. This is the first time I have ever had any kind of surgery or hospital stay. I was admitted through the ER in the morning and had the surgery around 4:30 p.m. After the surgery, I was kept overnight and had a second procedure the next day to remove “runaway gallstones” that were stuck in a duct. After this procedure, I spent another night in the hospital and was discharged the next day. As this was my first experience, I was scared. Due to COVID, my husband was not allowed into the hospital, which added to my anxiety (but I totally understand this safety measure).The reason I am contacting you is because I wanted to compliment the entire team at Cape Cod Hospital.

I want you to know that your staff is the most professional, caring and amazing people on the planet. I had over 80 interactions with about 40 to 60 different staff members, including nurses, CNAs, surgeons, interns, ER doctors, ER nurses, anesthesiologists, people transporting me from the 5th floor, maintenance, personal, and the people who collected my blood each morning. Every interaction I had was positive. I felt like everyone who played a role in helping me to get better really took the time to make sure I was comfortable and I knew that they cared about my well-being! I can't tell you how grateful I am for each and every one of the people who helped me through a very scary time. Your wonderful staff gave me over-the-top care and were professional and completely skilled at what they do.

Unfortunately, I did not get the names of everyone I had interactions with, but the ones I can tell you are nurses Jane F., Debra and Kyra, CNAs Arianna, Caraette and Vivanne—these people are truly devoted to their patients and I count myself blessed to have been in their care.

When I first arrived in the ER—as I mentioned I was scared, a nurse named Alyssa sat down with me, and told me, “it is OK to be scared, but everything is going to be all right, you are in the right place and we are going to take excellent care of you!" Nurse Alyssa told the truth! I am in awe of the excellent care that I received. This is what prompted me to write this email to you to let you know about your amazing staff, who took the time to not only care for me physically, but also who helped me emotionally through this difficult time.

I will forever be grateful to all the staff at Cape Cod Hospital.

Names of my surgeons: Dr. Mark Loewen and Dr. Frederick W Ruymann­—both kind, caring skilled doctors

Name of ER Doctor: Dr. Kathleen Kerrigan

Thank you,
Karen M.

Everyone treated me with respect, care and love at Cape Cod Hospital

On June 11, 2021, I went to the ER with severe stomach pain. For the first time in my life, I had no fear entering a hospital (I spent most of my 20s in and out of hospitals, and there was always fear). When I was in the ER, I asked God for his help, and that if I had to stay, to please give me a room with a view. Every staff member who took care of me prior to seeing the surgeon was wonderful. They asked questions and truly cared about me.

After being admitted, I was brought to my room. It was amazing. I had a room with a view of Lewis Bay! They told me I had one of the VIP rooms in the Mugar Center One prayer answered, and so grateful!

Then the surgeon walked in. I always had male surgeons, and this one was a female. She introduced herself as Dr. Kelly Shine, and explained what was going on with my intestines and what had to be done. But it was what she said next that made all the difference in the world. She told me that she taught in Tanzania, teaching what she was going to be performing on me—an ostomy. She showed her human side and shared that amazing story with me. That mattered more to me than the explanation of the ostomy. And I think she knew that. I think she understood, and totally got what I was going through and what I would go through after the surgery, and not just on a physical level. She had a positive attitude, and showed her professionalism and extreme level of care. For all this, I am so grateful.

After surgery, Dr. Shine came to my room to show me my stomach and explain everything. She was patient, kind and caring throughout the entire process. She kept that wonderful positive attitude, and that helped as much as the information about my ostomy. She also told me that I could have it reversed and she referred me to Lahey in Burlington because it couldn't be done here. Over the course of the next six months, Dr. Shine did all she could to help me after surgery and before the reversal. She was there for me anytime I needed her. For all of this, I am so grateful.

Every staff member at Cape Cod Hospital who helped me, from the people who served my food and cleaned my room, to Nurse Anya (one of the best!) and all the nurses, to Dr. Shine—everyone treated me with the utmost respect, care and love. I was truly blessed and am so grateful.

With much gratitude,
Kim S.

Falmouth Hospital staff: Polite, friendly and wonderful

Dear Sir or Madam,

I’m sure there are always complaints coming in about hospital and services. This one is not. Rather, it is a letter of thanks for service I received collectively from your staff.

I entered Falmouth Hospital January, 28, 2022, at 7 a.m. for a long-awaited surgery to correct a pair of hernias, one on each side. My wife and I are relatively new to the area, having just moved here from Vermont in July. Hence, we did not know what to really expect from the hospital. From the beginning, though, every person I encountered, from the aides to the nurses to the anesthesiologists, and Dr. Siegert, the surgeon, were a joy to be with. They were polite, efficient and friendly. They readily answered my questions, and even found time to joke with me a bit.

The surgery went off without a hitch, and for that I am extremely grateful. But beyond that, the experience of having been served by so many polite, friendly and wonderful people was a joy to behold. I thanked them all, but you also deserve to know the service I received from your staff.

John K.

Impressed with quality of care at Falmouth Hospital

Dear ER staff,

I am writing to thank the many of you who assisted and cared for me last Monday when I arrived with a fractured ankle. I must admit, I don’t remember all of the names of those who contributed to my care that day as I awaited surgery, but I’ll try to remember most. Lynn, at the desk, thank you for getting me quickly into a triage room and getting me ready for tests, etc. Taylor, I appreciated your energy and positive attitude. Matt, thank you for your gentle words and care as you told me what to expect and applied the temporary splint. Once moved to the larger back rooms of ER, names became hazy. I remember Jess and Tom, but I know there was another that I am forgetting. You were all so kind, allowing me and my husband to sit quietly together as we waited to move upstairs to OR and a room. But you were attentive and helped me feel as comfortable as possible, given my injury. My husband and I were both impressed with the quality of care I received. Thank you so much. Our community is so fortunate to have such professional and caring staff in the hospital Emergency Room.


Heartfelt thank you for staff at VNA

Dear helpers at the Cape Cod VNA,

A most heartfelt thank you to all who aided me in my recovery from a broken pelvis. From Shiloh who came on a weekend when I got home to start my PT to Chelsea who saw me all the way through. Nurses Cindy and Bernice were wonderful throughout. Everyone worked as a team, was consistently professional and personally helpful and encouraging.

A quick story—a weeks ago, I experiences signs of a UTI—but it was about 9 p.m. on a Friday night. I called your emergency number and the wonderful young man who answered listened to my symptoms. He had a nurse immediately call me. She then called my PC physician who gave the OK for Quest Lab. She then called me back to reassure me and to set up a clean catch at my home in the a.m. I had results (and relief) shortly thereafter. Swift, caring, excellent communication. Going to bed that night knowing that help would arrive 12 hours later was a great comfort—and she should be commended.

Please pass on my heartfelt thanks to all who helped me. There were many more, but I am afraid names escape me now.

Thank you,
Virginia W.

Praise for physical therapist at VNA

I am writing to you to let you know what an excellent experience I had with Amy Hultzapple as my physical therapist. She is very competent and professional, but also kind and caring. She listened to me and met me where I was in terms of my recovery and making very helpful recommendations. Her optimistic encouragement and reassurance definitely contributed to the therapeutic process. As a medical professional, I very much appreciated her patient-centered care.

I was also pleased with my experience at the VNA of Cape Cod. The communication, responsiveness and follow-up was excellent.

Dianne M.

Entire VNA team did fantastic job

Thank you for the exceptional service provided by your team during my recovery from knee surgery. The entire team did a fantastic job. I’m walking without a cane after three weeks and feeling better every day.

Steve P.

Grateful for friendship and humor at McCarthy

To the great administration and staff of the McCarthy Care Center,

It’s been a struggle last week and now I am trying to find a new norm. Thank you for all you did for me the three weeks I was there! Grateful for your skill and friendship. Loved your sense of humor. So important! Each day, I remember little bits and pieces of my days with you.

God’s Blessings,
Judy W.

Thankful for caring and friendly McCarthy providers who cared for my dad

To Leanna, Heather and the rest of the staff,

Thanks to all of you during our time of difficulty and mourning my dad who came to your beautiful hospice center. Your facility is beautiful and everyone there was caring and friendly. Thank you for the ones who were there with dad while he passed. We were confident he was in a caring facility and the accommodations were peaceful and comforting. With many belated thanks! Dad passed there in Room 4.

May the Lord bless you all and this facility.
Martha B. and Margaret B.

Expressing appreciation to McCarthy staff for restoring dad’s dignity

Dear McCarthy Care Staff,

To just say “thank you” seems so inadequate. I cannot begin to tell you how appreciative our family is of the loving, tender care you gave my husband, David, during the last week of his life.

During the last few weeks before he passed, we felt that David had lost so much of his dignity. But within a short period of time after his admittance to McCarthy, we saw it being restored to him. Just being shaved meant so much for a man, who in earlier years, sometimes shaved twice a day. Your gentle, caring ways meant so much.

Your facility is not only immaculate, but also very serene. Although David may not have been aware of his surroundings, we were calmed by the lovely soft colors in his room as well as the idyllic scene through his windows. To just say “thank you” seems so inadequate, but it comes from the hearts of our family.

June J.

Clean and peaceful facility … and wonderful staff at McCarthy

To all the staff,

I wish to thank everyone for the special and kind care my husband received. When he went outdoors for the last time, I just felt I was letting him down and then I saw what a great place he was in—so clean, peaceful and a wonderful staff.

Thank you ever so much,
Mary C.

McCarthy staff: ‘You have all more than earned your wings!’

Dear Heather, Ellen and all the staff,

I want to thank each of you for the love and care you gave my husband during his four-day stay with you in July. Words are not enough to express how much you all mean to us. During his most fragile time, you made him so comfortable. You are all so very special. You have all more than earned your wings! I know my husband is now at peace, free of pain and is looking over Amanda.

All our love,
Glynis and Amanda B.

Seaside Pediatrics staff deserves a gold medal

Thank you and everyone so much for getting us in and being so accommodating. Simone ended up with pneumonia, Tre an ear infection and a foster child with an upper respiratory infection.

Dr. Daley and Emily are so good to us. I know I put on a strong face and act tough, but it is really hard sometimes to advocate and call in and asked to be seen.

When they are on call and we are in illness mode, they pretty much know I am going to call. They call back and are always so nice. Dr. Daley always tells me, “It is always good to talk to you,” even when I wake her late at night or call her right after I left.

When you see the Conovers on the schedule, you know your day just got two hours longer. And at 4:45 p.m.! Emily has her own family, too, with young ones and still took the time to make sure Simone was OK.

I really appreciate all you do. You are few, but mighty. The nurse assistant is even growing on me. Pauline should also get a gold medal. She was so helpful and kind today, too. She has a soft spot for us and always tries to be accommodating.

Anyhow, all this to say thank you. I underestimated how much illness comes with three little kids. We are onto acne and bad hair days.

Thank you, again. They could not do any of this without you.

Michelle LaRowe Conover

Impressed with JML staff and immaculate rooms

Dear JML Staff,

Thank you for the great care you gave me during my hip rehabilitation. I was impressed with your cleaning crew and how immaculate they kept my room—always with a cheerful demeanor. The physical therapy staff was great in giving me challenging exercises and helpful movements. I felt confident in their expertise.

JML Nurses, PT and CNA deserve special recognition

Marjorie, R.N.: Very efficient, professional and nurturing. I loved her. Reminded me of my mother.

Linda, R.N.: Very prompt, caring and sweet.

Kathleen and Nirmala: Both CNAs were great. Great attitudes and helpful.

Murdoch: Best P.T. I’ve ever had.

Yvette, CNA: She gets the best sense of humor award.

You have great staff and the above mentioned should receive special acknowledgement for good, hard work! They made my stay more comfortable.

JML sets gold standard for quality of care

The care provided and the quality of your staff should be the standard for the industry. You made a difference in my recovery and made me feel safe. Thank you!

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