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LiveWell 2022

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Published on January 21, 2022


Get Healthy and LiveWell in 2022

Begin your path to wellness and rewards with 2022 LiveWell Employee Wellness Program

The 2022 LiveWell Employee Wellness Program, offered to Cape Cod Healthcare employees, aims to improve your health and support your well-being with fun, informative and interactive activities. The LiveWell Wellness portal, accessible through your online Tufts Health account, offers monthly challenges, webinars and resources that will help you set, track and achieve your personal wellness goals. 

“Long-term health comes down to lifestyle choices and there are plenty of studies to back this up,” says Darijan Suton, Employee Wellness Manager at Cape Cod Healthcare. “The most challenging part is maintaining or adopting the healthy lifestyle. That’s where our employee wellness program can help.”

The easy-to-navigate wellness platform is accessible from most devices, so you can participate and stay on top of your goals wherever you are! The best part? You can join any time throughout the year. Read below for more information about the program, including how you can earn points and qualify for gift cards in the first three quarters. Begin your path to a healthier lifestyle by registering today!

Getting Started

1. Visit

Are you a Tufts Health Plan member through Cape Cod Healthcare? If yes, locate the Member Login section. If you already have a Tufts Health Plan online member account, select Login Now. If not, selected Register Now. Once logged in, scroll down to Health & Wellness and select Get Started.

If you are not a Tufts Health Plan member through Cape Cod Healthcare, locate the Guest Login section. Select Create a Guest Account and use the program code TCCHC. It may take up to 24 hours for your account to be activated.

2. Once you’ve reached the LiveWell portal, complete the welcome page with the following information:

  • Language preference
  • ­­Sign-in name
  • ­­Email address

3. For full details about the program, click on Learn More.

4. Best place to start—­­Complete your Wellbeing Assessment and earn your first 200 points!

Need assistance? Email or call 877-594-7183, Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m. EST

Wellness and Rewards

New this year! The first 250 employees who register will receive $20 gift cards and the wellness rewards this year will be awarded quarterly in the first three quarters (instead of annually). You’ll earn rewards incrementally, so the longer you participate in the program, the more rewards you receive. Earn 1,000 points in the first three quarters and you’ll automatically receive a gift card. It’s important to note that the points you earn are participation based (and not results based). 

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
Earn 1,000 points by 4/1
Receive $20 gift card
2,000 points by 7/1
Receive $25 gift card
3,000 points by 10/1
Receive $30 gift card
Earn 2,000, 3,000 or
4,000 points by 12/15
for raffle entries

Program Dates: January 1-December 15, 2022
Eligibility: All CCHC employees can join the program. Only benefits-eligible employees qualify for rewards.

Monthly Themes

Each month will have a specific theme with physical activity challenges and Cape Cod Healthcare-produced content including webinars, quizzes and modules. Login to the wellness portal each month for more details.

  • January: Rest, Restore, Boost Energy & Mood
  • February: Heart Health
  • March: Resilience During Change/Transition
  • April: Spring Renewal
  • May: Mental Health: Growth Mindset
  • June: Importance of Play
  • July: Here Comes the Sun
  • August: Ready to Reconnect?
  • September: Balance
  • October: Time to Fortify
  • November: Gratitude and Giving
  • December: Reflect, Rest Celebrate

Choose from a Variety of Activities to Reach Your Goals!

Annual Activities:

  1. Getting started—­­Learn about the program with three different activities (points vary)
  2. Wellbeing assessment (200 points)
  3. Annual medical and dental exam (200 points)
  4. Learn about health coaching (200 points)
  5. Health insurance know-it-all (100 points)
  6. Financial wellness (100 points)
  7. CCHC Couch-to-5K Challenge (300 points)
  8. HPHP 5K run/walk/bike for heart health (300 points)

Recurring Activities:

  1. 21-day physical activity challenge (monthly, up to 300 points)
  2. 21-day healthy eating challenge (quarterly, up to 300 points)
  3. 21-day resilience challenge (quarterly, up to 300 points)
  4. Monthly activities for sleep, stress and seasonal wellbeing (50 points)
  5. CCHC wellness content (points vary)
  6. Additional activities may be added throughout the year (points vary)

Wellness Program Content/Scale

Challenges (all three weeks in duration)

  • 100 points/week, 300 points total per challenge
  • Activity—­­every month
  • Nutrition and Resilience—­­once per quarter

Health Activities

  • 50 points/activity, 150 total per month (for all three completed)
  • Sleep, Stress and Seasonal Well-being

CCHC-Produced Activities (once per quarter, 50-100 points each)

  • Webinars, modules, quizzes
  • Created by Darijan Suton, Dr. Kumara Sidhartha, CCHC clinical dietitians, Dr. Elisa Thompson, CCHC PT staff and more

Once per year, at any time during the year

  • Getting Started (100 points)
    • PPT overview of how the program works
  • Preventative/Self-Care (200 points each)
    • Annual Exam (or Biometric form), dental exam, HR assessment, health coaching
  • Financial Wellness (100 points each)
    • Annual financial advisor check-in and wellness path participation
  • Health Literacy (100 points)
    • Health insurance know-it-all challenge
  • Local Activity Events (300 points)
    • Running or walking (5K, 10K, marathons, triathlons and similar) events
    • Bicycle race or swimming events

How to Earn 1,000 Wellness Points? Here are some sample options.

Option 1

  • Any 2 challenges (600 points)
  • Any 2 health activities (100 points)
  • HR assessment (200 points)
  • One CCHC webinar (100 points)

Option 2

  • One challenge (300 points)
  • One CCHC Webinar (100 points)
  • Any two health activities (100 points)
  • Financial advisor check-in (100 points)
  • Annual physical and dental exams (200 points each)

Cape Cod Healthcare welcomes all employees who are inspired to join the LiveWell 2022 program! Please contact Darijan Suton, Employee Wellness Manager, with any questions at 508-862-5654 or

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