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Published on March 04, 2022

A Monthly LiveWell Message from Dr. SidA Monthly LiveWell Message from Dr. Sid

Dr. Kumara Sidhartha, medical director of the CCHC Employee Health Plan, sends March greetings with a message of transition: The essence of a grit and growth mindset is about getting up from a stumble, to keep walking with your chin up and never losing sight of your long-term goals. When you’re able to, take two minutes to listen to this message of inspiration that can apply at work and beyond.

It’s not too late to begin your path to wellness and rewards by registering for the LiveWell 2022 Employee Wellness Program! Offered to Cape Cod Healthcare employees, this program aims to improve your health and support your well-being with fun, informative and interactive activities.

In March, step up to these Physical and Resilience Challenges:

The Physical Challenge will be a step challenge with the goal of 7,500 steps daily, or 52,500 steps weekly for each of the three weeks of the challenge (this challenge will begin Monday, March 7).

The Resilience Challenge for March (also beginning Monday, March 7) will be: 21-day Challenge (March): Handle With (Self) Care

Challenge description:

To complete this challenge, take care of your needs on at least 3 separate days each week.

People sometimes cringe at the term “self-care,” but it is vital to your well-being. When you neglect your body or its needs, you risk becoming intensely stressed and burned out. Self-care doesn't have to be cringe-worthy. It can mean sleeping, exercising, eating well, drinking some water— or even just spending 15 minutes doing something you enjoy, connecting with others, or learning something new. What does self-care look like to you? Your goal: Listen to your body and take whatever break you need, three days per week.

More information about the Resilience Challenge:

  • Sleep well. Fatigue worsens anxiety and stress (among other things).
  • Take some time for yourself. Give yourself time/permission to regroup and recharge your energy.
  • Feed yourself healthy foodsget moving and get outside during the day if possible for some Vitamin D.
  • Make time for uplifting activities. Music, cooking, dancing, even indulging in a little comfort food.
  • Scale back your news intake, a little. Staying informed is important, of course. But just because the news runs on a 5-minute cycle doesn't mean you have to, too.
  • Get proactive. Focus on things you can control. Use your skills, gifts, talents to make things better wherever you are, today.
  • Reach out for support, venting, or even laughing—as they say, it can be the best medicine.
  • Flex those gratitude muscles and practice acts of kindness and solidarity. Both can be a powerful counterpoint to anxiety, exhaustion and stress.

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