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Published on January 20, 2022

Year in Review: Top 10 Stories from 2021Year in Review: Top 10 Stories from 2021

Drum roll, please: We looked back at The Pulse stories from the past year, analyzed the data and compiled a list of top-ranked stories that received the most views from you, our readers. From expressions of gratitude to inspiring narratives of the community giving back, this list is filled with meaningful stories as well as some fun ones, too. We hope you enjoy our year in review!

1. One Year, a Thousand Experiences: CCHC Staff Reflect on the Pandemic

Representing Cape Cod Healthcare at Super Bowl LV in Tampa Bay, Florida, two colleagues share a common COVID-19 journey.

One Year, a Thousand Experiences: CCHC Staff Reflect on the Pandemic

2. The Community Says Thank You One Gesture at a Time

Meals, groceries, tokens of thanks are delivered to CCHC staff from our supportive community.

The community says ‘Thank You’ one gesture at a time

3. One Team, Looking to the Future

Mike Lauf, President and CEO of Cape Cod Healthcare, explains why healthcare is the consummate team sport, previews new opportunities to our community in pursuit of people to work with us.

One Team, Looking to the Future

4. Employee Discounts Are a Way the Community says ‘Thanks’

As a Cape Cod Healthcare Employee, you’re eligible to receive certain discounts at local businesses by showing your ID badge.

Employee Discounts are a way the community says “Thanks”

5. Wear Your CCHC Pride This Summer

Trucker hats, lightweight wear and more are new to the Cape Cod Healthcare store.

Wear your CCHC pride this summer

6. Sebastian Junger: ‘It’s a Miracle I’m Alive’

The part-time Truro resident and best-selling author of “The Perfect Storm” expresses his gratitude to Cape Cod Hospital doctors for saving his life.

Sebastian Junger: ‘It’s a Miracle I’m Alive’

7. CCHC Staff Become CCYP Instagram Influencers

Cape Cod Healthcare takes over Cape Cod Young Professionals social media for a day.

CCHC staff become CCYP “Insta” influencers

8. A Ringleader and a Resource

At 91, Med Tech Pat Mullin provides a wealth of knowledge and inspiration to her team at Falmouth Hospital.

A Ringleader and Resource - Pat Mullin

9. Kayaking the Cape

Summer is here! And so are the best spots for paddling on Cape Cod.

Kayaking the Cape

10. Ten Questions

Our 10Q with staff members is consistently one of our top performers. Your readership has shown you enjoy virtually getting to know others on the Cape Cod Healthcare team! Several 10 Questions with CCHC employees made it in our Top 20 most read stories for the year.

10 Questions with Dr. Naomi Kalliath

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