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Published on November 19, 2021

Epic Mobile AppsPatient Care in the Palm of Your Hand

One year ago, Cape Cod Healthcare launched the industry-leading EPIC electronic health record for patient care across the Cape Cod Healthcare System. The single record enabled doctors and other providers to have a fuller picture of a patient’s health status.

But perhaps a lesser-known part of the Epic platform has included the successful launch of mobile applications on iPhones, iPads and Android devices designed to help CCHC physicians, clinicians and other care support staff to communicate effectively and efficiently through on-the-go computing options, which works on CCHC authorized personal devices. To date, there have been a total of 633 CCHC devices deployed for the Epic project—423 iPhones and 210 iPads.

When Cape Cod Healthcare rolled out these mobile apps on Nov. 1, 2020, it was a big deal in terms of workflow change, says Darlene Vendittelli, Executive Director of Info Systems at Cape Cod Healthcare, but now they are more commonplace to us. “There are mobile solutions that we now have that we wouldn’t have had before Epic. With EVS even using it, with bed turnover, people might not even realize how broadly these apps are used.”

Over the past year, 60 percent of CCHC outpatient physicians and advanced practitioners have been using mobile devices to review and document patient information when not at workstations to provide care on the go. Another impressive statistic: 93 percent of Environmental Services are using mobile devices to access the Rover app to help with throughput per bed. These adoption rates put CCHC within Epic’s best 25 percent of top adopters among clients. In addition, more than 70 percent of physicians and nurses have adopted Secure Chat, an effective and secure way to communicate using mobile and desktop technology.

Below is a more detailed look at Epic’s mobile applications, including what they offer and who uses the technology among Cape Cod Healthcare staff.

Haiku and Canto

Physicians use Haiku and Canto to review patients’ results, dictate notes and communicate messages and calls to patients, clinicians and other staff. (Haiku is available on iPhones and Androids, while Canto is Epic’s application for handheld chart access on an iPad)

Here’s a snapshot of usage of Haiku and Canto at Cape Cod Healthcare locations:

Ambulatory clinic settings:

  • Captures images
  • Secure Chat with other clinicians

Acute care settings:

  • Daily rounds for patient lab and diagnostic results review
  • Order entry and management
  • Mobile chart review
  • Secure Chat with other clinicians
  • Provider note charting
  • Patient work-up (ED)
  • Scribe co-signing orders process (ED)

Anesthesia specifically:

  • View schedule 
  • Complete attestations 
  • View reports
  • Supervision of up to four CRNAs


This mobile app replaced Mobilab use for patient bedside lab collection, among nursing and other clinical care support personnel, and is also used by Environmental Services (Rover is accessible on iPhones).

This mobile app helps with:

  • Documentation
  • Barcode validation at point of care (medicine administration)
  • eConsents
  • Bed management

Kudos to our staff for their achievements in adopting these mobile solutions which help us to further enhance the level of patient care provided at CCHC every day.

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