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Published on October 10, 2020

Build efficiency and patient loyalty with MyChart

Build efficiency and patient loyalty with MyChart

Streamlined processes and better communication yield real results

MyChart, Cape Cod Healthcare’s new Epic patient portal, isn’t just about making patients’ lives easier. MyChart helps providers deliver the best care in the most efficient manner possible. Providers will be able to stay connected to their patients between visits while patients stay more engaged in their care.

MyChart enables patients to handle more things on their own, resulting in improved health outcomes while creating a more efficient healthcare experience, increasing patient loyalty. As noted in multi-organizational studies cited below, these features can save time for staff and build efficiency by streamlining processes.

Better communication, more informed patients

Patients who have online access to their test results feel they have a better understanding of their medical condition. One organization that adopted Epic reported that 90% of patients reported this finding.* Another used Epic and MyChart communication to triple their patient adherence to mammogram and cervical cancer screenings.*

Some user experiences can answer questions about patient interaction via MyChart.

Will older patients use MyChart?

MyChart is designed to be intuitive for patients of all ages, backgrounds and abilities. At one organization, the largest age group for MyChart use was 55 to 64 years old.* Another had 15 MyChart-active patients over the age of 100.* With proxy access in MyChart, other family members or caregivers can access an elderly patient’s record to help them manage their healthcare if they need it.

Does MyChart help with no-shows?

One organization found that patients who schedule online through MyChart are 50% more likely to show up for appointments.* Another realized a 4% reduction in no-show rates when patients used online scheduling.*

Won’t all those MyChart messages from patients create more work for the provider?

Providers may receive more messages from patients than before, but patient messages can ultimately save work by eliminating unnecessary office visits and reducing phone calls. Messages can also be routed directly to a selected pool of support staff, so providers don’t have to follow up unless absolutely necessary. A study found that patients who use secure messages through MyChart are 7-10% less likely to schedule an office visit, and they make 14% fewer phone calls than those who don’t use online messaging.*

How does MyChart help save time?

MyChart helps patients take charge of their own care before they even get to the clinic:


  • Questionnaires allow patients to provide medical history and other information, decreasing documentation time
    With e-visits, patients can seek care for common issues like UTIs or sinus infections without visiting the clinic, freeing up the schedule for more complex patients
  • Releasing test results directly through MyChart reduces the need for phone calls or letters for normal results
  • Secure messaging through MyChart can reduce the volume of calls to the clinic, while allowing clinical and support staff to respond when it’s most convenient

During check-in

  • For one organization, online questionnaires cut check-in time nearly in half without decreasing customer satisfaction; the vast majority of patients surveyed said they prefer to fill out basic health and demographics questionnaires at home*

In the exam room

  • Physicians report spending less time documenting each visit when patients submit pre-visit questionnaires via MyChart. In one study, 28% of physicians reported saving 4-6 minutes per visit, and another 42% reported saving 1-3 minutes per visit*

During follow-up visits

  • E-visits allow physicians to perform routine follow-up online and can free time on their schedules for more complex patients’ needs. One organization found that physicians spent an average of just 3 to 10 minutes on each e-visit*

Efficient processes improve experience and results

MyChart provides new ways for patients to interact with their healthcare providers, medical record, and medical bills. These features streamline processes for patients, but they can also save time for staff and increase efficiency for Cape Cod Healthcare, while also increasing patient loyalty.

Organizations using MyChart have reported improvements in patient appointment attendance, improved bill paying by patients and increased loyalty to those providers who use MyChart.

Schedule Online

One organization realized a 4% reduction in no-show rates when patients used online scheduling.* Another organization found that patients were 50% more likely to show up for appointments when they were scheduled online.*

One organization saved $444,866 in one year by allowing patients to schedule appointments in MyChart. Having fewer patients calling to schedule or update appointments led to increased efficiency.*

Release test results online

One organization estimated that calling a patient about a result took 5 minutes, and mailing a single result required about 2 minutes of staff time, plus paper and postage costs. For the same result, writing a note and releasing it to MyChart took 30 seconds, with no additional costs.*

Streamline communications

Communicating with patients through secure messages eliminates multiple phone calls and reduces interruptions to clinicians’ busy days. In one study, 95% of patients using MyChart said they replaced at least one phone call with a MyChart message, and 61% said they replaced at least one office visit.6 Another study found that a clinic’s MyChart rollout reduced the volume of phone calls by 15%.*

Increase payments through Online Bill Pay

Analyzing data from five customers, Epic’s finance team found patients with access to MyChart billing paid an average of 67% of their outstanding self-pay balances. Patients without such access paid an average of just 28%. *
In the first two weeks after going live with MyChart bill pay, and without advertising it to their patients, one organization collected $120,000 through MyChart.* Another saw 32% of their self-pay payments (over $35 million) come through MyChart in fiscal year 2015.*

Go paperless

Using MyChart instead of paper results, letters, and billing statements can help cut our costs dramatically.
One Epic organization estimated that sending a results letter cost $3.00 in staff time, paper, and postage. That meant the organization’s first MyChart clinic saved $1,100 per physician over the first year.*

Raise patient loyalty

Separate surveys found that 47% and 50% of patients would choose a physician based on whether the physician used MyChart. In the same studies, MyChart improved perception of the healthcare organization for 54% and 58% of patients.*

After implementing specialty appointment scheduling in MyChart, one organization found 65% of MyChart users would recommend the clinic to others, compared to 43% of non-users. For their primary care clinics, 88% of users would recommend the practice, while 53% of non-users would.*