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Published on May 29, 2021

What is Employee Wellness?Do you LiveWell? The LiveWell Employee Wellness Program offers healthier lifestyle, cash prizes

For 2021, Cape Cod Healthcare launched a new LiveWell Employee Wellness Program that enables you – and your spouse – to work toward your health and wellness goals at your own pace. Throughout this year’s program, the new Tufts Health Plan wellness portal gives participants access to activities, tools and resources that will help you set, track and achieve your personal wellness goals.

There's still time to join for spring and summer activities and challenges!

Learn the details of our new program below. For more information, contact Darijan Suton, Employee Wellness manager, at

Program Duration

Between January 1st and September 30th, 2021, eligible employees and spouses can participate in any of the available activities to accumulate credits towards exciting rewards.

Eligibility to Participate

Employee – must be a benefits-eligible employee (excludes per diem employees, temporary employees and volunteers).

Spouse – must be enrolled in the CCHC Employee Health Plan.

Reward Criteria

LiveWell rewards will be awarded annually based on the following credit totals earned during the program year January 1, 2021 to September 30, 2021. For 2021, we are raffling over $35,000 in awards. Everyone has a chance to win!

Bronze Tier: 15 credits to qualify

Incentive Amount Number of Raffle Winners
Benefits Eligible Employees $250 25
Eligible Spouses $150 15

Silver Tier: 20 credits to qualify

Incentive Amount Number of Raffle Winners
Benefits Eligible Employees $500 20
Eligible Spouses $250 10

Gold Tier: 25 credits to qualify

Incentive Amount Number of Raffle Winners
Benefits Eligible Employees $1,000 15
Eligible Spouses $500 5

Other rewards

Pop-up rewards will be offered to registered program participants intermittently throughout the program year. Watch your email and the portal for these special announcements. Even if you’ve completed all your credits, you can still qualify for a pop-up reward!

How the Program Works

Eligible employees and spouses may participate in any of the wellness activities below to accumulate credits and work toward their goals. It is recommended to start with the Wellbeing Assessment, which will help identify specific health areas to focus on.

  • Complete any activity
  • Credits are automatically awarded and can be tracked on the LiveWell portal
  • Credits for some activities like onsite seminars may take longer to appear while participation information is uploaded to the system
  • Activities must be completed by September 30, 2021

Wellness Activities

Program Activity Credits Annual Max
Wellbeing Assessment (WBA) 5 credits 5 credits
Biometric Values from a Healthcare Provider 1 credit each 5 credits
Virtual Coaching 5 credits each 10 credits
Lifestyle Coaching
(Tufts Health Plan Members)
Initial Assessment Call +
2 Monthly Coaching Calls
5 credits

2 additional Monthly
Coaching Calls
5 credits
10 credits
Quarterly Activity Challenge 5 credits per challenge 15 credits
Quarterly Wellness Challenge 3 credits per challenge 9 credits
Monthly Online Seminar 1 credit each 9 credits
Healthwise Conversations 1 credit each 9 credits
Wellness Fair 3 credits 3 credits
CCHC Worksite Activity 3 credits per quarter 9 credits

Wellbeing Assessment (WBA)

(Equivalent to Personal Health Assessment or Health Risk Assessment)

The WBA helps identify daily choices that could pose a risk to your health and wellbeing. The WBA is completely confidential and only takes about 15–20 minutes to complete. Participants receive a personalized health report with an overall wellness score.

(5 credits)

Biometrics from a Healthcare Provider

Earn 1 credit for each of the following biometric values obtained from a healthcare provider: BMI, blood pressure, cholesterol, HDL, glucose. Due to COVID, CCHC will not be offering any onsite biometric screenings in 2021. To earn credits, download the Physician Attestation form on the LiveWell wellness portal, have your physician fill it out, and fax it to the number on the form. Values from January 2020 - September 2021 will be accepted and must be submitted by Friday, September 3, 2021 to receive credit.

(1 credit per biometric value, maximum of 5 credits)

Virtual Coaching Program

This six-week online program addresses a wide range of lifestyle factors. Focus areas include improving diet, managing stress, getting more physically active, managing weight, quitting tobacco and more. Using the LiveWell wellness portal, participants will select a focus area, complete at least one healthy action each week for six weeks and complete a check-in assessment to earn 5 credits.

(5 credits each, maximum of 10 credits)

Lifestyle Coaching*

Over this six-month program, Tufts Health Plan members can work one-on-one with a lifestyle coach to meet their health goals. Focus areas include losing weight, eating better, getting more exercise, quitting tobacco or dealing with stress. Participants gain six months of unlimited access to a coach by phone or the LiveWell wellness portal and receive helpful information, tips and progress tracking. Participants who complete an initial assessment call plus 2 monthly coaching calls will receive 5 credits. Complete an additional 2 monthly coaching calls to earn another 5 credits.

(5 credits each; maximum of 10 credits)

*Available to Tufts Health Plan Members Only

Quarterly Activity/Steps Challenge

Being physically active is important to overall health. One activity/steps challenge will be available each quarter. Participants can set personal step or activity goals and are encouraged to increase their goals as they progress to subsequent challenges. Any physical activity can be translated into steps and applied to the challenge count. Wearable activity tracking devices and apps can be synced to the LiveWell wellness portal, or activity can be self-reported. Participants will earn 5 credits by accumulating 416,000 steps over the three-month challenge (~5,000 steps per day).

(5 credits each, maximum of 15 credits)

Quarterly Wellness Challenge

Wellness challenges allow participants to track healthy behaviors and work toward new habits. Each quarter, a new challenge is released as outlined below. Participants will earn 5 credits for completing the challenge criteria by the last day of the month.

(5 credits each, maximum of 15 credits)

Past challenge: Financial Fitness (February)

Healthy spending and saving habits are just as important to your wellbeing as proper nutrition and regular exercise. Financial stress can lead to depression, anxiety and trouble sleeping. With this challenge, you will take a look at your financial decision-making skills and practice small steps to building financial security.

Past challenge: Take Charge of Your Health (May)

You can make a BIG impact on your health by making one SMALL change and sticking with it! In this challenge, improve your health by making small changes to your physical activity, sleep, mindfulness and dietary habits!

Upcoming challenge: Fuel Your Day (August)

Two healthy steps you can take daily to fuel yourself to help you reach your peak performance: eat healthy snacks and take time during your day to stretch. Why? Healthy snacks can add fiber and

nutrients to your diet without unwanted calories. They can give you an energy boost during the day and prevent you from overeating at meals. Taking time to stretch relieves muscle pain and tightness, lessens tension due to stress and improves circulation, balance and flexibility.

Online Seminars/Webinars

Each month a new online seminar is released on the LiveWell wellness portal and is available anytime, 24/7.

(1 credit each, maximum of 9 credits)

Healthwise Conversations

There are a variety of “conversations” in an interactive module format to address both healthy living topics and diseases & conditions. Participants won't just get information; they'll receive personalized advice and a printable action plan to help them make healthier choices.

(1 credit each, maximum of 9 credits)

Wellness Fair

Earn credit for attending the CCHC Wellness Fair. Watch for an announcement from HR with details on how to participate in this event.

(3 credits)

CCHC Worksite Activity

Participants can earn credit for participating in a variety of CCHC approved activities. Each quarter, CCHC will announce a variety of activities eligible for credit. This may include workshops of various formats offered on relevant topics at the major organization sites (CCH, FH, North St, Communication Way, and more) and local community events (the HPHP 5K and Falmouth Road Race).

(3 credits per quarter, maximum of 9 credits)

Privacy Information

By participating in wellness program activities, including disease management and health coaching, you understand that your participation may be shared with your employer for the sole purpose of awarding credits. This does NOT include your personal health information which will never be shared. In agreeing to participate, you authorize Tufts Health Plan to disclose your participation in a program to your employer's benefits plan staff, if necessary, to assign credit for participation and design future wellness initiatives based on aggregate (group) information. For more details, please review the Privacy Notice on the LiveWell portal.

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